Haunted Houses

Is there a more iconic Halloween activity than testing your courage at a haunted house? Las Vegas, home to plenty of show-stopping attractions, becomes home to a few heart-stopping haunted houses to visit this October, if you dare.

A less-than-10-minute drive from Auric’s parking garage, Las Vegas Haunts features two unique experiences that will give you and your friends plenty of thrills. Tickets, which start at $25 per person, include entrance to both frightful encounters, Hotel Fear and Asylum.

For a less intense, but equally festive, experience, Auric residents can get a group of neighbors together and drive approximately 45 minutes northeast to Moapa Valley Corn Maze, where they can partake in a haunted corn maze for $12 per person, not including the one-time $12 admission fee. Visitors can also opt in for additional spooky attractions, such as the haunted hayride, zombie paintball, and the shriek shack haunted barn, at additional costs.

Scary Movie Showings

If you need a little thrill leading up to October 31, why not take in a scary movie with friends at a local haunt? The Beverly Theater—a six-minute drive or 25-minute walk east from Auric—has a full lineup to get you through the month of October, from horror classics like “Dracula” and “The Shining” to modern films, such as “The Shape of Water” and “Midsommar,” to family-friendly flicks including “Beetlejuice” and “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Halloween at Home

While there is plenty to do out and about in Las Vegas, Auric Symphony Park residents can also celebrate the holiday with their neighbors at a costume party on October 28. Residents will get to enjoy a taco truck, DJ, onsite bartender, and a 360° photo booth.

If you’re looking for an apartment in downtown Las Vegas that makes it easy to enjoy the various Halloween happenings taking place this October, be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park today by calling 725-677-5597.

Couple wearing Halloween  masks

Halloween Happenings Near Auric Symphony Park

October 2023

With October in mid-swing, there’s no doubt that spooky season is here! If you’re looking for apartments in Las Vegas that place you close to several Halloween festivities and chilling events, keep reading to see a full lineup of themed activities where you will find tricks and treats.

Trails to Blaze

Just a half hour west of Auric Symphony Park, walkers and hikers can venture to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which features countless miles of hiking trails through rugged desert terrain. And a little more than an hour drive from Symphony Park, Valley of Fire State Park is a state-protected park where visitors can explore 40,000 acres full of several hiking trails that wind through a barren wonderland full of red Aztec sandstone, petrified trees, and petroglyphs dating back more than 2,000 years.

And a little further outside Las Vegas—a two-hour drive—Death Valley National Park is worth the trek to wander through segments of more than 3.3 million acres of canyons, rolling dunes, barren salt flats, rugged mountains, and native wildlife. Hikers, be sure to check the temperature and forecast, and pack plenty of water.  

Tee Time

Golf enthusiasts, or anyone looking to casually play through 18 holes, will be pleased to learn that there are ample public golf courses within five miles of Auric Symphony Park. Las Vegas Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Club, and Wynn Golf Club are all open for the public to reserve tee times and enjoy a morning or afternoon on their fairways.

Horsing Around

Auric Symphony Park residents wishing to saddle up and take in some of the beautiful Southern Nevada terrain can visit Wild West Horseback Adventures, where riders can enjoy a five-hour excursion led by a professional wrangler and guide that will immerse you in the local environment and see native wildlife, such as bighorn sheep, jack rabbits, and road runners. Prices start at $120 per rider. If you were interested in visiting the aforementioned Red Rock Canyon National Park, Cowboy Trail Rides offers a variety of trips ranging from 30 minutes to two hours that will take you through the colorful mountains  to see some incredible natural wonders, including caves and unique geologic formations.

 If you’re looking for apartments in Las Vegas where you will be surrounded by opportunities for outdoor activities, be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Parks’ spacious rental residences by calling 725-677-5597.


Exploring the Great Outdoors Around Las Vegas Cover Image

Exploring the Great Outdoors Around Las Vegas

As Auric Symphony Park is situated in downtown Las Vegas, current and prospective residents of our luxury apartment home community will be pleasantly surprised to discover a variety of outdoor activities that take them beyond the peaceful Symphony Park area.


If you’re in the mood to host a seasonal soirée, Auric apartment residents can easily reserve any of the community’s several amenity spaces. As the grills and outdoor kitchen are situated adjacent to the exceptionally designed pool, residents can easily gather for a poolside cookout, or reserve the resident’s lounge that leads out to the pool area.

As Auric Symphony Park is situated in a quiet corner of Las Vegas’ bustling downtown, residents can easily venture to nearby grocery stores and shops to gather food and supplies from several stores, such as Albertsons. In addition to the everyday convenience, Auric’s central location makes it easy to run out and grab any last-minute essentials you might be missing.

With preparations in place, you are ready to host your summertime barbecue! And might we recommend stocking enough supplies to invite some of your new Auric neighbors?


Whether you’re a novice or a grill master, there are plenty of recipes best suited for a summertime spread. Here are some of our recommended picks for sides, main courses, and even desserts, to round out the menu for your upcoming festivities:

-Grilled Beer Brats from Delish

-Grilled Corn in Husks from Taste of Home

-Grilled Chicken Kebabs from Delish

-Summer Fruit Skewers from Delish

-Grilled Peaches from Martha Stewart

If you’re looking for a places to rent in downtown Las Vegas with outdoor grills in a chef-inspired outdoor kitchen beside a resort-style pool, be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park today by calling 702-766-1820.

kabobs on the grill


As burgers and brats are summertime culinary staples, a friendly BBQ can be a great opportunity to host friends and loved ones or to meet your neighbors. Thankfully, Auric Symphony Park is outfitted with a chef-inspired kitchen, including grills, near the community’s resort-style pool, offering residents and their guests an excellent al fresco locale for a barbecue. Here are a few suggestions on how Auric Symphony Park residents can make the most of this luxury rental residence community’s outdoor amenities for a fun barbecue.

Welcome to Raider Nation

When it comes to professional football in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Raiders reign supreme as the hometown team. With Allegiant Stadium just 20 minutes south of Auric Symphony Park, residents can get tickets to a game this season and drive or rideshare from their apartment home to become part of Raider Nation for a day in the stadium or at a tailgate party.

Root for Your Home Team 

Auric Symphony Park apartment residents with team loyalties beyond Las Vegas will be glad to know that there are plenty of venues that serve as hubs for different fan bases from across the country. Find a list of where to gather with your fellow hometown fans in this comprehensive list of designated restaurants and bars for different teams.

Football with Friends

If you prefer to watch football among friends, you’re in luck. In addition to renowned casinos and resorts, Las Vegas is home to an abundance of unique sports bars to assemble your crew for a day of football, food, and brews. Less than two miles from Auric Symphony Park’s garage, Hard Hat Lounge offers a cozy dive bar setting perfect for a casual get together. As the name suggests, Tailgate Social features more than 30 televisions on which you can watch football, football, and more football.

Find a full list of sports bars worth a visit here.

Additionally, residents can invite friends over to watch the game from their spacious one- or two-bedroom apartment, or reserve one of Auric’s residents’ lounges for a proper watch party. You can even invite your neighbors to join in the fun!

Are you looking for apartments for rent in Las Vegas where you can easily watch football in-person, at a local haunt, or from the comfort of your own home? Be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park’s spacious rental residences and amenity spaces by calling 725-999-7809.

A football on the field

Kicking off Football Season in Las Vegas, Nevada

September means football season has kicked off! As Auric Symphony Park is conveniently located in downtown Las Vegas, residents of this luxury apartment home community have various options to watch a game this season.

Donut Forget To Treat Yourself

While Las Vegas might be known for its vibrant nightlife and casinos, it certainly has several additional notable features for residents and tourists to enjoy, including its array of doughnut shops. Just a 10-minute walk from Auric Symphony Park, Pinkbox Doughnuts in the Plaza Hotel & Casino will delight its visitors with a collection of more than 70 delicious and fun doughnut creations, including the DoughCros that incorporates the light and airiness of a buttery croissant. Additionally, Pinkbox has an assortment of vegan doughnuts to satisfy the craving for those with certain dietary restrictions. Mochidon, just a seven-minute drive from Auric, offers a truly unique doughnut experience. Located just behind the STRAT Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, Mochidon serves mochi doughnuts in a variety of flavors.

For more classic doughnuts, Poppy’s Donuts and Donut Factory Dee’s Mazzoa are both great options within a two-mile radius, making it easy to hop in the car and pick up a dozen for you and your neighbors-turned-friends.

Additionally, as part of SLC’s commitment to elevating residents’ experience and creating opportunities to connect with neighbors the Auric onsite team provides doughnuts or other breakfast snacks every Friday to enjoy with the complimentary coffee available in the lobby daily. Even on the days you don’t feel like a doughnut, this weekly happening is a great chance to step out of your residence and meet some of the newest Auric Symphony Park residents.

If you wish to find apartments for rent in Las Vegas that prioritize luxury living in an ideal location, be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park’s spacious residences and incredible collection of amenities by calling 702-766-1820.

over head shot of a variety of donuts

Shops and Restaurants

It certainly is a joy when you can start your day with a rejuvenating cup of coffee and a morning sweet treat. In addition to the impressive collection of restaurants, shops, and businesses within walking distance of Auric Symphony Park, this community is an easy walk and short drive from several unique and notable doughnut shops that residents will enjoy time and time again.

If you’re looking to ramp up your reading game, let this summer be your season of romance, mystery, or nonfiction tales as you go through your to-read pile. Thanks to Auric Symphony Park’s prime location in a calm corner of downtown Las Vegas, residents have great options from where they can procure their next read. And where to enjoy your new novel than by Auric’s resort-style pool, in one of the chic and comfortable resident lounges, or in the comfort of your new, spacious home?

Time to Book It

While Amazon and Barnes & Noble are popular, mainstream options to purchase popular reads and e-books, there are several unique and independent booksellers near Auric Symphony Park and scattered through Las Vegas. Just a quick, five-minute drive from Auric, The Writer’s Block is a bookshop and coffee shop in downtown Las Vegas that also hosts book clubs, poetry readings, and author events.

Science-fiction fans will want to make the 15-minute drive to visit Dragon Castle Books, where shoppers can peruse its collection of novels and comic books. Eight miles from Auric Symphony Park, Las Vegas Books is a gently used bookseller where patrons can also sell back books in good condition.

Additionally, Auric is equidistant from two Las Vegas library branches—the West Las Vegas Library and the Meadows Library—both of which are less than two miles from the community. With a free library card, Las Vegas residents have access to so much more than books and audiobooks. The Library District Las Vegas-Clark County offers cardholders access to a variety of complimentary services, including museum and park passes—to places like the Nevada State Parks and Auric’s neighbor, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum—passport services, 3D printing, and more.

If you’re looking for apartments in Las Vegas that puts you near several conveniences, including libraries and booksellers, and offers stunning residences and amenity spaces where you can enjoy your newest read, be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park today by calling 702-766-1820.

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Summer Reading

If you’re looking to ramp up your reading game, let this summer be your season of romance, mystery, or nonfiction tales as you go through your to-read pile.