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Develop Your Green Thumb at Home at Auric Symphony Park

With the first day of spring approaching on March 20, you might be preparing for a springtime refresh. If you are wanting to bring more nature to your home, there are countless flora and fauna to incorporate into your décor. Thanks to the spacious one- and two-bedroom options at Auric Symphony Park, residents will always have plenty of space to house their indoor gardens.

See a few recommendations of perennial plants that will thrive in your new home year-round, as well as where to source them.

Homey Houseplants

  • As Las Vegas is in the heart of the desert, cacti and succulents are always great options that can withstand the heat of the region and require low maintenance.
  • Looking for a stunning evergreen? Peperomia is a perennial plant with thick leaves that can bloom in a variety of different shades and textures. In addition to their physical beauty, this plant, which has more than 1,000 known species, is low maintenance and easy to care for.
  • For those who prefer florals, Peace Lilies produce stunning white, spiraling flowers, adding a touch of natural grace to your home aesthetic.
  • With dark green, textured leaves, a fiddle leaf fig, which can grow to the size of a tree, can be a statement piece in your new home that requires little to moderate watering.

Please note that these plants are toxic to furry friends and humans. To see which plants are safe to keep inside with your pet, see the next section.

Pet Friendly Perennials

Auric Symphony Park is a pet-friendly community, and those with precious pups and cherished cats will want to make sure their new apartment greenery is safe for everyone in their apartment home. Here are a few varietals that are safe for your beloved cat or dog:

  • Baby’s Tears
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Banana Tree
  • Spider Plant
  • Areca Palm

Nearby Nurseries

Thankfully, Auric Symphony Park is near the heart of downtown Las Vegas, which means residents are placed in a prime location to easily venture to nurseries in the area. Less than ten minutes from the lobby, Moon Valley Nurseries and LV Plant Collective are great nearby sources for several plants, as well as some cute home goods.

Looking for apartments for rent in Las Vegas where you will have ample space to store your personal greenhouse? Be sure to schedule your tour of Auric Symphony Park by calling 702-766-1820.


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